Marc Levine OwnerMarc W Levine, Owner & Master Electrician, is the commercial and residential expert in this area for electrical and refrigeration contracting work.

Serving the Greater Portland and the Gray Lakes Region since 1972. Lightning Electric & Refrigeration specializes in service upgrades, rewiring after fire damage, voltage surge protection, complete rewiring of older homes, and installation, trouble shooting, maintenance or repair of anything electrical.

We are also experts in installation, repair and maintenance of refrigeration units for restaurants, floral shops and markets, as well as private residences. Lightning Electric & Refrigeration can solve all your electrical and refrigeration problems, and is fully insured, and licensed.


Hi my name is Marc Levine,

I have owned and operated Lightning Electric  & Refrigeration providing quality and economic service for over 40 years.

We do complete mechanical services as well as electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning. We also service car air – conditioners.; We have many restaurants, stores and markets that we now service as well as many residential accounts. We are constantly looking for new customers; because when we do a job it lasts.

Our rates at this time are $35.00 for a service call and $65.00 per hour.
We believe in a fair days pay for a fair days work. Quaint, but still true.
These rates are based on payment at the time services are rendered.
We realize that in these tough economic times we have to all work together. If we can improve your bottom line, you will be around to continue using our services.

Most all of our electrical and refrigeration equipment is the latest “state of the art,” our one big weakness.
Still if the equipment saves time and helps to insure a better job, then it doesn’t cost, it pays!

Just one more thing, we will not compromise any job by using a cheaper or inferior quality of materials. Other then that you won’t find anyone anywhere more eager to please you or easier to get along with than then Lightning Electric & Refrigeration. Looking forward to your call,

-Marc W Levine